La Manié Luxus Perfume

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Discover our new unisex perfume that will take you on an unforgettable fragrance journey! Our perfume is a real perfume composition with a high proportion of 20% valuable fragrances. It contains a unique blend of desert rose, saffron, tuberose and oud wood, which provide a distinctive and long-lasting fragrance.

The top note of our perfume is fresh and tangy, with a combination of fruity notes and spices that make for a refreshing start. The heart note is warm and sensual, with floral notes and spices creating a seductive radiance. The base note is deep and intense, with exotic leather notes and a hint of gray amber, patchouli and vetiver that make for a mysterious and intense scent trail.

Our perfume is perfect for men and women who are looking for a unique and exotic fragrance that highlights their personality and makes for an unforgettable appearance. With its high fragrance content and unique fragrance composition, our perfume is a real statement product that should not be missing in any perfume collection.

Try our new unisex perfume now and let its fascinating and intense fragrance composition take you to distant countries!