Nr. 20 Lavaviso mousse

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Lavaviso Mousse-Gentle cleaning with high quality ingredients

With Lavaviso Mousse, you get a gentle cleansing mousse designed specifically for daily cleansing of all skin types. The unique formula contains papaya and pineapple extracts with enzyme function, collagen, allantoin, honey, panthenol and vitamin E, which have a regenerating and nourishing effect on your skin:


The application is simple: apply the mousse to the damp skin and massage it gently with circular movements on the face and neck. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water and dry your face gently. Avoid application to injured and/or diseased skin.

warning notice

Lavaviso Mousse is a cosmetic for adults with a very high concentration of snail serum. It is normal that the skin may be slightly reddened after application, as this is due to the natural components of the snail serum. If the redness persists, we recommend stopping the treatment. The mousse contains a high concentration of natural ingredients, which can lead to a possible color change. However, this change does not affect the effectiveness of the product.

Please note that Lavaviso Mousse is a cosmetic product and should be applied only externally. Avoid contact with the eyes and keep it out of sight and reach of children.