Ikram Beauty Tips No. 1

Ikram Beauty Tipps Nr. 1 - Ikram Bellanova Cosmetics
- For a particularly well-groomed and soft skin when bathing, it is advisable to add a splash of whole milk. - To treat raw elbows, rub half a lemon on the affected area, leave on and rinse off thoroughly. This removes old skin cells and nourishes the skin. After use, it is important to thoroughly moisturize the skin. - When applying the body lotion, it is important to massage the skin deeply as this stimulates blood circulation and provides additional nourishment to the skin. - To prevent the skin from drying out overnight, the temperature in the bedroom should be kept at a moderate level. - It is advisable to adapt the care routine to the seasons. In winter, the skin tends to dry out faster and crack, so you should use richer creams than in summer

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