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No.9 Eye and Lip Serum
Sale price$42.00 CAD($280.00/100ml)
Nr.  8 Serum Elisir Viso
Sale price$38.00 CAD($1,266.67/l)
Nr. 4 Essential Brightening Face Tonic Lotion
Sale price$35.00 CAD($175.00/l)
DD-Kreme No.  40 Medium and No.44 DarkDD-Kreme No.  40 Medium and No.44 Dark
Sale price$54.00 CAD($1.08/ml)

2 colors available

No.15 Lifting Face Cream
Sale price$53.00 CAD
No.12 Face Serum Anti-Aging
Sale price$57.00 CAD($190.00/100ml)
Nr. 7 Night Face Cream Brightening
Sale price$47.00 CAD($94.00/100ml)